End-of-life doulas provide emotional, educational and practical support to individuals and their families through the entirety of the dying process. The care provided is tailored to the needs of the client and their family and can include one or more of the following:

End-of-Life Planning

The Best Three Months end-of-life coaching program is an exercise where you imagine you have 90 days to live. This process helps people to explore what is most important to them and this allows for the development of a nuanced and personalized plan for end-of-life. Through this experience we examine five domains of life: emotional, spiritual, physical, mental and practical. For each area of life, you determine your current reality and create action steps that lead you to a realistic goal that is aligned with your values.

This process can be completed at any time. In fact, it is valuable to start the process before an unexpected event occurs. Though you will be prompted to complete legal documents in this process, the document you create through this coaching is non-legal in nature and serves as a valuable map that can be edited as life circumstances change.

These sessions can be completed at your residence or via zoom

Sitting Vigil 

When sitting vigil, a person holds space for the transitioning person and their family members, providing stability in the environment. By being fully present at the bedside and attentive to the wishes of the person, a safe and comforting sensory environment can be created. Ideally, we would meet and discuss a vigil plan before the active dying process, but if that is not possible the people closest can assist in creating an environment that is meaningful and comfortable.

Vigil planning and coordination of schedule can be done via zoom, I am available both for this and being present to sit vigil in the Teton County region.

Additional Service

Legacy Projects
Early grief support for family members and loved ones
Energy work and Reiki
Small household tasks and errands

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