Providing Holistic Support for End-of-Life

Emotional, educational and

practical support

Abigail McGurty

About Abigail

As an end-of-life doula, Abigail’s hope is to be a compassionate and steady presence for individuals and their families throughout the dying process.

What is an
End-of-Life Doula?

Doulas are most commonly known for their work with parents during the birthing process. Birth doulas provide support and companionship during a time filled with emotion and transition. Later, it was realized that this role would be beneficial for people who are at the end of their lives. The title expanded and now includes doulas who provide support to people and their families before, during and after death. End-of-life doulas go by many names including death doula, soul midwife, and end-of-life coach. Regardless of the chosen title, we all strive to provide compassionate and personalized care.

End-of-life doulas provide emotional, educational and practical support throughout the dying process for individuals and their families. Their role is nonmedical and complementary to existing structures. Doulas do not replace anyone on your care team, but instead look to aid in creating cohesive care that is individualized to a person’s needs. We hope to provide comfort and ease by respecting autonomy and agency while providing spaces that normalize the dying process. By treating end-of-life as an aspect of living, doulas hope to serve people who are healthy as well as those facing life altering illness and terminal conditions. Because of this, it is appropriate for an end-of-life doula to be involved at any stage of a person’s life.


End-of-life Planning

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